Book Review – ReWork

Jon Rajewski Book Review, TED

On a long car drive back from Boston after watching the Buffalo Sabres lose to the Bruins…I had an opportunity to read Jason Fried and David Hansson’s book ReWork. This won’t be a spoiler review, more so a reflection of how the books topics could be applied to the Digital Forensic / Incident Response (DFIR) industry. Before I get into my review, …

Senator Patrick Leahy visits the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation (LCDI) at Champlain College

Jon Rajewski computer forensics, hands on, in the news

On Monday, November 14, 2011 Senator Patrick Leahy visited the Leahy Center for  Digital Investigation. Adopted from Patrick Leahy’s website:  Since 2006 Leahy has secured $1.15 million in Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance grants to provide educational and technical support to Vermont law enforcement agencies, relating to crime-solving digital enforcement issues.  After receiving the grants, Champlain College invested additional college …

Emerging Science – Cyber Shadows – Rajewski Interviewed

Jon Rajewski computer forensics, cybercrime, in the news

On November 2, 2011Vermont Public Television (VPT) aired “Cyber Shadows”, an episode for there Emerging Science series which is focused on highlighting scientific and technology topics. I had the pleasure of being interviewed for this show and wanted to quickly document it here. Here is the blurb from the VPT Emerging Science website  As the popularity of social media grows, so does …

Partition Table Parsing – v.winning

Jon Rajewski file system forensics

I had a few minutes before a dinner event and I did what most geeks would do. I embarked Melissa Augustines Partition Table challenge. As it turnes out, I won 🙂 I strongly recommend that you try to solve the challenge. With all of the MBR Malware showing back on the horizon it’s important for you to have these skills mastered.