Engage Digital Forensic / Incident Response Students. Why is this a good idea?

Jon Rajewski champlain college, computer forensics, Professors

In the ever growing field of digital forensics / incident response there is a great need for professionals to mentor/assist those currently trying to break into the industry. Some of you reading this are literally the “rock stars” of DFIR community – and students know this.

rajewski expert cybersecurity mentor

We all have mentors and people that we aspire to be like. In the above video, you will see Ajay Bhatt (actor Sunil Narkar is actually in the video), who was one of the inventors of USB and is being treated with rock star status.

This blog post also is motivated by a few of my students attending the 2012 Open Source Digital Forensic Conference this October.. Several of them already came to my office excitedly saying, “we’re bringing our textbooks to get signed by [insert forensic rock start names here]”

Sooo why should you help mentor / assist students – they are the future generation of digital forensic / incident responders. A lot of us in the industry are also looking for good college graduates to add to our ever-evolving teams. In my opinion (which is one of my reasons I teach) it’s our duty as professionals to help grow the industry by sharing knowledge and experience – and by helping students we are helping to grow the industry as a whole.

If this motivated you at all and now you’re interested in helping mentor students please let me know.