Amazing TED talk on why we do what we do

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A colleague, Mike Wilkinson, just shared video that he showed to his Freshmen class today. I invite you all to watch this video which shows Mikko Hypponen giving a great presentation on DFIR. Heck, if you’re a professional in the DFIR arena, this might help remind you why you do what you do. If not, I’m sure there is something …

Hurricane Irene – Amazing Social Media Tracking

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This is one of the best social media websites dedicated to tracking the social media posts about Hurricane Irene. The ESRI map can be described below: This interactive map allows you to view continuously updated hurricane information. You can track specific hurricanes and see their projected path. You can also access newsfeeds, precipitation, and storm surge information. The hurricane feeds …

Digital Forensic Course Prep – Champlain College

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One of the best parts of being a professor is preparing courses before the semester begins. It’s a time to reflect on the last time you taught the course and make improvements/enhancements in the content. One of the fun projects I did last year was scoped an analysis (and created evidence) surrounding the Wikileaks case. Here was the project scope: …

Champlain College – New Digital Forensic Curriculum

Jon Rajewski computer forensics, curriculum

Last May (2011) I rewrote the undergraduate digital forensic curriculum at Champlain College. I collaborated with the many people to complete this monumental task including but not limited to Mike Wilkinson, Cristian Balan, Ali Rafieymehr, Michelle Miller, Jim Hoag and others who will be named at a future date (we are waiting to release these names). This Fall is the first …

Is China really hacking the United States?

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A very nice article was written by Jermey Page of the Wall Street Journal about China and its US website attacks.  Some excerpts from the article that I felt were interesting: A rare example of an official source contradicting China’a repeated assertions that it doesn’t engage in cyberattacks…… At one point, as a narrator discusses various forms of cyberattack, a …

What is this place?

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I decided to create a blog to disseminate my thoughts on topics relating to a few of my passions. Topics discussed here will sometimes relate to the classes I’m teaching or something that I stumbled upon in my daily activities.  I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂