Mobile Device Forensics – Course Update

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It’s been a few weeks since the last update, but things have been busy. The Fall 2012 term is now in Week 5 (wow, the semester is flying by). We’ve covered the following topics:

  1. Cell phone usage and data
  2. Cell phone network architecture / infrastructure
  3. Carriers and how they play a role (or not using a carrier all together – create your own)
  4. Procedures
I’m teaching two sections of this class – each has about 14 students so there is a great teacher/student ratio.
Students are still using their issued Android cell phones to generate data. For those new to this blog series – each and every student, the first week of class, was handed a cell phone to use for a month. We will later use these devices to extract/analyze data in the second half of the course. Also – we’re still using the Ipad 3’s which will be analyzed in a few weeks.
I’m looking forward to the next few weeks when we tackel the topics of Impediments then Comercial Mobile Forensic Forensic tools. We have purchased both the Cellebrite UFED and XRY devices so students get experience with the leading comercial tools being used in the industry.
cellebrite ufed champlain college forensic rajewski
Cellebrite UFED
XRY forensic champlain college rajewski
Using the XRY
After we complete the Comercial Forensic Tools section, we will shift gears to something we’re really looking forward to – 8 weeks of Android and iOS forensics. These weeks will be spent using a lot of open source tools (specifically Santoku for droid) as well as preparing students for the final project – which I don’t plan to publicize, but it involves many aspects of mobile device investigations. I’ve been known to build some really exciting assessments that prove if students mastered the content or not – and this project might just be the best yet. Stay tuned.