Anti-Forensics and Network Forensics – Course Update

Jon Rajewski champlain college, SP2012FOR270

So I’ve been very busy doing work, but wanted to spend a few minutes updating this course’s blog.

To date we’ve covered the following:

  1. Metasploit – Slacker/Transmogrify and Temporal data manipulation / and detecting it
  2. Digital Darkroom technologies – manipulation of digital media and detection
  3. Digitalization of data – digital/analog conversion etc
  4. Cryptography Cryptanalysis – learning how encryption / decryption works.
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Each and every lecture has a hands-on / immersive component. I really want students to understand the core foundational knowledge and then have the ability to apply the concepts in the course. A lot of what we do in the classroom is built on a real-world scenario where students, who are multi-disciplinary in nature, work on figuring out the problems.

In the next few weeks we will be covering Steganography / Steganalysis and Network Forensics.

The final project, which is typical to my other classes, involves a major project focusing on proving to me that the students mastered the topics. More to come on the details later.

I wanted to include a sample lecture from a class that I did last week. All you will see here are the slides but please feel free to ask questions in the comments area. Also any suggestions are welcome.