Are you a Digital Forensic / Incident Response Professor/Adjunct/Instructor?

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After some good feedback from Digital Forensic Incident Response the Twitter folk, I decided to formally create the list…

As most of you know, I’m a professor of Computer & Digital Forensics at Champlain College. In my former life I was a Senior Consultant for a large consulting firm. Approximately five years ago my wife and I decided that I should shift careers due to the excessive national/international travel I was required to partake in. I was very fortunate when Gary Kessler brought me in to teach one of my passions at Champlain College. Although teaching is my primary responsibility, I still practice forensics as a forensic examiner with the Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and Co-Direct the Senator Leahy Center for Digital Investigation. My contribution to the industry is to help prepare students for the ever-evolving industry of digital forensics/incident response.

All said and done, I know I’m not alone…

There are many other digital forensic professors out there. I’ve collaborated with some of you but considering there are over 60 colleges currently teaching junior/undergrad/graduate programs in digital forensics we should have a central repository of contact information. This would be similar to what Rob Lee did with the Lethal Forensicator listing. I feel that this listing will help identify those that are contributing to the Digital Forensic / Incident Response by teaching in higher education. I’m also willing to bet there are more like me that left the high paying, elite hotel/airline statuses, corporate Amex carrying positions to teach (adjuncts can count here as well).

This is another way for people to seek out professors for questions – think research opportunities / prospective students / collaboration / cross school DFIR competitions etc.

If this sounds interesting to you, I’m seeking other passionate digital forensic / incident response professors. If you are interested in participating please fill out the form below OR email me at rajewski -at- champlain D0t edu the following information:

***** Send this email from your college email account. Please include a hyperlink to your personal college website directory listing with a campus phone number so we can have some form of validation.

Subject of the email: Digital Forensic Professor

First Name
Last Name
Title (Professor/Adjunct/Instructor)
College Name
Link to Website/Blog/Faculty Page
Other – if you want me to include any other field.

Noteworthy information – This is 100% opt in. I didn’t want to scrape college websites and just create a listing without getting your permission.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Loading…