Series Introduction: Spring 2012 Advanced Practice in Digital Forensics

Jon Rajewski champlain college, SP2012FOR430

This will be the first of many posts during the Spring 2012 term for this class. I will be teaching the course in a hybrid format – 1/2 in class and 1/2 online. The course audience is Senior Digital Forensic students at Champlain College.

The one element that I’m going to have fun with this term is we’re always updating courses. This course is now considered to be a special topics class by the college and I’ve decided, based on the knowledge level(2008 undergrad digital forensic¬†curriculum) we will be focusing on electronic discovery (theory for the first two weeks, then / practice for at least four) then shifting to advanced digital forensic topics – possibly cell phone chip off or memory/malware analysis. Melissa Augustine has been giving me some great ideas ūüôā

It’s noteworthy to mention – for those that are¬†experienced¬†DFIR professionals – these are undergraduate students taking a predefined (yet ever-evolving)¬†curriculum. What you, they and I feel are advanced topics is relative to our backgrounds. However based on the knowledge these students currently have, these topics are considered “advanced” and will best prepare them for their near future jobs.

I encourage everyone to please comment and make suggestions in this blog. I look forward to sharing how things are going this semester.