Series Introduction: Spring 2012 Digital Forensic Tool Evaluation

Jon Rajewski SP2012FOR260

This will be the first of many posts during the Spring 2012 term for this class. The course audience is Sophomore Digital Forensic Students and fortunately for me it’s a very full section. The rational in my mind for offering this course is: In the real world forensic examiners, like mechanics, have many tools to use on projects.

While a pipe wrench is an effective tool, it doesn’t work for every job

I dislike the idea of digital forensic programs blurring the lines between analysis and forensic tool usage. Not to single out any program in particular, but when I review other colleges in the world they often combine many digital forensic topics into one course. At Champlain College, the undergraduate computer forensic curriculum has 10 courses focusing on digital forensics – so dedicating one class to use hardware/software tools will educate students on how to properly use them and result in preparing them for upper level courses which dive into advanced topics.