Computer & Digital Forensic Failures

Jon Rajewski computer forensic failures, computer forensics, mistakes

Why would one want to study digital forensic failures? The same reason one practices what to do in a sporting game situation – so they’re prepared for the real game. A related reason is when a Football player watches game tape – they can learn from their and others mistakes. Lawyers conduct mock trials etc…

This blog post will be an active placeholder that will be updated as comments and other failures arise in the industry. 
Please note – Failure is part of learning/success. So to hopefully spark readers/contributors interest in this, I will be highlighting a personal failure.

Learning is important
One of my goals here is not to be the one pointing out issues/failures but to collect stores to share. If you would like to write a guest blog post on something you’ve learned from please contact me. Also, if you want to remain anonymous, you should have the skill-set to send me something in that manner and we can arrange that type of blog post.

Suggested format:
  1. Overview of the situation/issue/case
  2. Issue / Failure / Problem that occurred
  3. How you / your team remedied the situation
  4. Lessons learned – “Monday morning quarterback” “hindsight 20/20” what controls are in place to prevent it / is it preventable in the future?
Please let me know if you have any questions.