Champlain College ITS Technology Conference April 21, 2012

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All systems are go for this weekend’s first ITS technology conference (“CUT”)

More information can be found here:
Who can attend?   Anyone! (feel free to forward)
Location:                   Champlain College – Hauke 005
Date:                          This Saturday (April 21, 2012)
When:                       9:30am-3:30pm (followed by ITS Capstone presentations from3:30pm-5:00pm in the Hauke Conference Room)
Anyone may attend, but please register at so we have enough snacks and seats.
It looks like it’s going to be a great event!  Hope to see you there!
Worm Propagation                                        XML Database Tools
Social Media APIs                                           LINQ
MBR Malware Analysis                                  Visualizers
Gathering Player Game Data                        Windows Defense
C++ Event System with Delegates                NodeJS
Ecommerce                                                    Raspberry Pi
Windows 8 Forensics                                    Rebuilding for Mobile
Followed by ITS Capstone Poster Sessions!!
Computer Information Technology (CIT)
Web Site for Champlain Valley Down Syndrome Group Jason DaSilva
Comparison Project on Three Content Management Systems Derek Izor
Web Site for Parenting Resource Directo
Bonnie Bohan
Current Cybercrime Legislation Stephen Pinkham
What are the challenges associated with bringing high speed Internet access to rural areas? Andrew Ventre
How are we motivating/using Internet hedonists to solve real world problems currently, and is there anything more that can be done? Erik Warnick
Depression and Pathological Internet Use (PIU) Michael Berry
Technology and Education Nicholas Weible
Enterprise Architecture Jason Eastman
Solar powered computing Jordon Hamilton
Web Site for Radiant Floor Heating Nick Edwards
Web Site for Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District Erik Wallace
Computer and Digital Forensics (CDF)
P2P Computer Forensics: Examiners Guide Timothy Fernalld
Google Chromebook Forensics Stephen Jablonski
Android Memory Forensics Ryan Dixe
Kindle Forensics: A Look at the Amazon Kindle Fire Megan Percy
The Investigation Handbook for System Restore Applications. A look into a forensic analysis o
f Deep Freeze, Returnil, and Toolwiz TimeFreeze
Louis Donalds
An Investigator’s Guide to Basic Malware Analysis Kyle Heath
Quick Response Code Malware. The study of a population’s use of quick response codes for the potential of a distributed malware attack on cellular telephones Jason Hall
Xbox 360 Slim: Network Traffic Analysis. “Jump In” to Network Traffic Analysis Giovanna DiSipio
MBR Malware Analysis: TDL4 & Alworo. They Hide, You Seek Corrie Erk
Biometric Authentication Forensics Conor Shaughnessy
Android OS v. 4.0 Forensics. A forensic look into the new version of
the popular mobile OS
Alexander Caron
Volatile Memory Malware Analysis. Investigation Techniques Focusing on Artifacts in RAM Ben Rogers
Computer Networking and Information Security (CNIS)
ESXi QoS Geoff Altermann
FreeBSD implementation Brennan Connors
Network Design and Enterprise Architecture Ian Davis
Wireless Mapping and Security Daniel Espinoza
XBees Silver Evans
Virtualization of Network Brian Fabiano
Computer Worm Propagation Analysis Jon Ferretti
Small Business IT Infrastructure Taylor Howe
The Onion Router: Performance Patrick Moore
Data Exfiltration Kevin Reilly
Physical Security and Electronic Locking Systems Andrew Smith