Series Introduction: Mobile Device Forensics

Jon Rajewski champlain college, computer forensics, FA2012FOR310, mobile device forensics

This is the introduction post for my Fall 2012 Mobile Device Forensics course. This is a brand new course and will be actively developed over the semester.

During this course students will learn about cell phone / mobile device / embedded system technologies. Over the next 15 weeks we will delve into everything from how cell phones and their respective networks work, how information is stored on mobile devices, how to investigate a case involving mobile devices and what information is stored with a service provider.

This course will rely heavily on hands on activities that will require a lot of work outside of the classroom. We will be using both of Andrew Hoog’s books – Android Forensics and IOS and Iphone Forensics. I plan on using many of the open sourced tools discussed in these texts to help the students understand what’s actually going on in these books.

Champlain College has graciously provided IPads/Iphones/Androids/Kindle devices for our class to use. Each and every student will have at least one week with these devices to add data to it, then as a class we will all learn how to properly extract/analyze data from them. We also will have access to a Cellebrite UFED and XRY Complete – this allows students to use some of the leading products in the industry right in the classroom.

Champlain college forensic mobile device
Mobile devices we’re using in class

Needless to say, I’ve very excited about this class. I don’t know of any other undergraduate courses offering such a class like this but if there is one out there please let me know. I would love to collaborate with other professors to make this course even more exciting.